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Our Network


" Learn more about how we run our servers on the current network that increases to build to provide services to a broader audience"

Here at Game Play Servers, we are able to offer complete control over our servers due to the great network we use and run. Game Play Server's network provides round-the-clock monitoring of the network using Nagios and RTM (Real Time Monitoring). We regularly monitor all the hardware including the switches, routers, UPS systems, and servers in our data centre.

2.5 Tbps capacity global Network

We use four data centres situated in "London Telehouse" UK and Roubaix, France, Frankfurt Germany and Montreal Canada with direct access to some of the worlds largest Multi-Gigabit backbone connectivity, ensuring that we have the most stable pings available through Europe.

usa uk
usa network4

High Quality Networking Infrastructure

Our network runs purely on Cisco switches and routers passing through 3 independent transit providers, with optical fibres network, connected in double safe circulation. Providing all dedicated servers with 1 Gbps connection port as standard with minimum bandwidth of 200 Mbps. The routing infrastructure is essentially based on Cisco products.

cisco1 cisco2
cisco4 cisco3

Managed Services

From all of the managed services we provide ( Game Servers, Dedi games, Dedi Slots, Voice Servers ) ,We run nothing older than 3years when it comes what we provide to our customers. No core2duo's, core2quads or even AMD cores. We are very specific when it comes to quality, starting with the latest generation in intel I7's to Xeons on rack mount servers.

rack1 cpu1
mem1 rack1

All of our servers run in RAID for faster storage allocation, with custom made kernels for a more effective outburst of quality with windows servers. All managed services will come with a support panel and direct support from our support staff.

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